February 2018

We are getting transcripts back from our focus groups and already making a start with some preliminary analysis in NVivo. Fascinating data and there are already plenty for us to think about. It is, for sure, complex.

Our qualitative work is still ongoing and if we can, we’d probably want to keep collecting data! But we need to realistic and in a few months, our project will move onto the next stage. Stay tuned!


An exciting new year!

2018 is going to be an exciting year for data collection. We are fully immersed in focus group discussions with students and staff. It has been extremely interesting and insightful, so much so that we feel it is beneficial for the project if we increase and invite more participants at this stage.

If you missed our SRHE conference, feel free to read an excellent summary here from the Times Higher Education.


December 2017 update

We’ll be making our debut at the annual Society for Research into Higher Education (SRHE) next week, with our exploratory paper, Is there an ideal ‘student’ at university?, on Wednesday, 6th December 2017.

Data collection has also made a swift start, with student and staff discussion groups already planned and underway. This is likely to be our main focus over the next few months. If you are interested to take part, please get in touch!


One month into the project

As planned, our project began with a review of existing literature, which is ongoing. We have just been looking into the works around ‘graduate attributes’, a popular concept especially in Australian universities and more recently adopted by many UK institutions. We’re still looking at the breadth of relevant literature. Let us know if you have any suggestions!