About Meggie

Meggie Copsey-Blake is an undergraduate student in her final year, studying BA English Language & Applied Linguistics at the University of Reading. She is working towards a career in educational research and has a special interest in uncovering the attitudes of students in UK schools and universities.

Her academic background has broadened over the summer where she succeeded a place on the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme and assisted Dr Billy Wong, from the UoR Institute of Education, with his project: ‘An Evaluation of the Mini Police Initiative in Reading Schools’. This involved discovering the beliefs and experiences of Year 5 pupils and subsequently evaluating an initiative led by the Thames Valley Police, with the aim to improve young people’s trusts and aspirations in the police. Meggie has also been assisting Prof Suzanne Graham, also from the UoR Institute of Education, on the ‘Creative Multilingualism Project’, which investigates students’ beliefs about learning modern foreign languages as a result of a language crisis in UK schools.

She is currently preparing for her dissertation where she plans to contribute further research into the field of language teaching by comparing the language motivation of students learning French in England with those learning English in France.